Texas High School Cheerleader Sets World Back-Handspring Record

By Sam Saltess

There are a lot of crazy world records out there. The Most Nationalities in a Sauna, The Most Dogs in Costumed Attire, and The World’s Longest Sausage to name a few.

One texas high school junior, a cheerleader for her high school team, decided to do something she was good at, but can be considered pretty crazy for the rest of us.

Miranda Ferguson, a 16-year-old junior at the all-girls Hockaday School in Dallas, did 35 consecutive back-handsprings, or flip flops (in cheer and gymnastics talk) at halftime of the St. Marks and Oakridge School’s football game last week.

The idea was about a year in the making according to the local news outlet Fox 4 in Dallas. She had once performed 20 back-handsprings in a row at practice, and her friend suggested she try to set a record. When Ferguson looked it up, it was 32, and she knew that it was do-able.

Afterward, Ferguson said she was really excited and very relieved because she was nervous before her half-time attempt at the record.

“Really just the fans out there really helped me get through it,” she told Fox 4.

Doing 35 consecutive back-flips doesn’t come without pain, however. A lot of pressure is put on the wrist, back and arms, so Ferguson is aware that she’ll probably be sore for awhile.

“My back kind of gets sore after practicing: I’m sure I’m going to feel it tomorrow,” she said.

To make it official, two judges from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand to witness the successful record-breaking attempt.

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