Maria Sharapova Breaks Down And Joins Twitter

By Riley Schmitt
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Maria Sharapova always said that she had no need to be on Twitter. However, things must have changed as the tennis star finally started her own account. Although she only has one tweet, I expect her account to gain a lot of followers.

If her account doesn’t have at least 200,000 followers by the end of the day, I will be shocked.  I could even be on the low end for that.  People on Twitter love to follow their favorite athletes.  People will follow her because she’s great at tennis and then you will have people that will follow her because she is good looking.  Really a win-win situation for her.

I am not 100 percent sure what she will bring to Twitter, but we are slowly approaching the point where almost everyone is going to end up on Twitter.  It is a good way for people to interact with their favorite athletes and it is a good way for athletes to promote their latest ventures.  At this point, you need to have an account just so you aren’t missing out on potential advertising options.

Hopefully she can spice Twitter up.  Some athletes fail to do anything of note on the site.  If she doesn’t treat it like a giant PR spectacle, it could be a fun follow.  If she ends up constantly shilling products or tweeting canned responses, it would end up being a very boring thing to follow.

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