Nothing Good Comes From Throwing a Beer, Ask Nate McLouth

By Devin O'Barr
Nate McLouth swings away
Gary A. Vasquez – USA TODAY SPORTS

Every time the phrase “beer throw” is used repeatedly throughout the day, you know that something is terribly wrong. Well, the idiots were on display in Canada on Thursday as the Baltimore Orioles were in town and an alcoholic beverage happened to make its way to the turf. Fortunately, it didn’t hit Nate McLouth like the bozo Toronto Blue Jays fan had hoped, but come on, this act is still nothing short of stupid.

No one wins in a situation like this, and I mean no one.

First off, the fan who is throwing the beer automatically gets ejected and likely spends the night in jail. By the way, a small beer at the Rogers Centre where the Blue Jays play runs you $7.34 — that’s the fifth highest price in all of MLB if you were wondering. That particular foul also makes this entire fan base look like a bunch of hoodlums who have nothing better to do than throw beer on the field. Last but not least, McLouth and the Orioles are affected because they are out of their element and thoroughly rattled.

The next time that the Blue Jays and Orioles face off this idiot is definitely going to be mentioned in most conversations about the match up.

Lost in the shuffle is the fact that McLouth made a dazzling catch in a portion of the stands where Blue Jays fans sat, but they decided not to douse him with an overpriced beer. Those are the  folks who should be commended for refraining from the beer toss.

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