2013 NBA Playoffs: Andre Miller Comes Up Big, Leads Denver Nuggets to Victory

By Phil Naegely
Andre Miller
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller was on fire tonight against the Golden State Warriors. Appearing in only 27 minutes, Miller scored 28 points and helped lead the team to earn the playoff victory.

If 28 points isn’t good enough for you, he also sunk the game-winning layup. Golden State’s Stephen Curry was coming up clutch keeping the Warriors in the game, but Miller said that’s enough and won Game 1 for Denver. SportsCenter tweeted  the end of the game perfectly.

Scoring 28 points normally is an impressive feat in itself, but it is more impressive when the player is only out there for a little more than half the game. Secondly, Miller is 37-years-old, so it’s not as though this is a player well in his prime here. Miller is only averaging 9.6 ppg and scored almost triple his average tonight.

Coming off the bench, Miller carried the Nuggets to victory and the early series lead. Miller has only started 11 games this season, but if I was the Nuggets coach, I would start Miller in Game 2 of the series and see if the red-hot shooting continues.

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