NFL Rumors: Does Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Own A Dog?

By Ben Grimaldi

We all know Michael Vick’s history with dogs and it isn’t particularly a good one. He spent close to two years in prison because of his role in a disgusting dog fighting ring that included the electrocution and drowning losing dogs.  After being released from prison, Vick’s probation included terms that didn’t allow him to own a dog.

Those terms ended this past July and it appears he is a dog owner again. On Saturday, Vick tweeted a seemingly innocent picture of him and his daughter sitting at a table. He’s on his I-pad and his daughter looks to be doing some coloring or homework. However, if you looked closely, which plenty of people did, you could see a box of Milk-Bone dog biscuits on the table as well. Unless he’s feeding himself and his family doggie treats, it sure seems like Mike Vick owns a dog.

To further add to the suspicion, Vick must have gotten wise to the box being on the table because moments later he sent out another tweet with the same picture, only minus the dog biscuits on the table. The first twit pic has been deleted.

I’m not sure what the PETA people, or anybody, will make of this but if Vick is legally allowed to own a dog I don’t see the harm in it, as long as he’s not doing the dog any harm. The bigger question is, why would Vick be trying to hide the fact he’s a dog owner again, if that is the case?

Hopefully Vick has learned from his mistakes and treats the dog right; which I’d like to believe is the case because he has spoken of his love for dogs. Everyone deserves a second chance and let’s hope for the sake of the dog that Vick has changed his ways.

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