Kansas City Chiefs Should Avoid Mike Vick

By Damon Salvadore
(Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports)

The odds of new Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid bringing in Michael Vick from the Philadelphia Eagles is pretty low. Reid is probably ready to move on from that failed experiment. Last season was a disaster for Reid and the Eagles as Reid benched Vick after a 3-9 start.

Rumors speculated around Kansas City regarding Vick after Reid was a guest on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning when he referred to his former quarterback as “a good kid.” There was a reason why Vick was benched earlier this season as he led the NFL in total turnovers at the time (even more than Mark Sanchez) and even lost his last six starts of 2012–so bringing Vick to Kansas City would just be a disaster.

In fact, Vick is a mediocre 10-13 over the last two seasons with Reid and his biggest problem is turnovers as he’s recorded a disastrous 38 turnovers over his last 23 games–which is nothing short of embarrassing for a starting quarterback.

The Chiefs signing Vick would set them back even more than they already are. The entire offense would have to circulate around a brittle 5’11” run-first quarterback on the decline of his career and we all know you can’t win with that. It has even come to the point where Vick’s injuries are being treated by him wearing a chest protector during games.

Vick is one of the highest paid quarterback in the entire NFL for some reason and it’s difficult to even imagine him as a starter anymore. He’s not among the elite class anymore–just the elite quarterbacks that receive hefty paychecks. If the Chiefs want Vick, they better get ready to empty their wallets as he’ll most likely be looking for another hefty contract if he’s not with the Eagles next season.

With all of the risk surrounding Vick, why would a team like Kansas City ever consider bringing in such a washed-up quarterback? If the Chiefs are going to bring another quarterback on board for the 2013 season, it should be someone like Tim Tebow considering he’s most likely going to be available.

Tebow is the type of quarterback that can resurrect this proud franchise for years to come. Tebow has the youth, the drive and the talent to turn this team around and at 25-years-old, he would provide a huge spark for the offense. Tebow is seven years younger, four inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than Vick and most importantly–he’s won a playoff game more recently.




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