NFL Rumors: Mike McCoy to Meet With the Arizona Cardinals Again

By Joe Morrone
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals will meet with Denver Broncos offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy for a second time on Tuesday. McCoy appears to be the favorite to land the job as the next head coach for the Cardinals. It’s not a lock but when a candidate gets a second interview; there’s a very good chance that they are going to receive an offer.

What does it mean for McCoy? It’s not a good job for McCoy, in my opinion. The quarterback situation for the Cardinals is a mess and as great as McCoy has been in his work with quarterbacks, that situation needs a miracle. That could obviously change through the draft, free agency or a trade but it’s difficult to see any of those things happening. The draft class for quarterbacks is weak, free agent quarterbacks are free for a reason and the last guy the Cardinals traded for was Kevin Kolb. How is that one working out?

It’s understandable why McCoy would take the job if offered; there are only 32 of those jobs in the world and it is the next rung on the ladder for him. Somebody at some point is going to turn the Cardinals into consistent winners, but is it McCoy? I believe McCoy is a good coach but he does not strike me as a guy who can build a consistent loser into a winner; I hope he proves me wrong but I have my doubts. McCoy would be a much better fit for the San Diego Chargers; they have a talented quarterback in Phillip Rivers. Rivers has lost his way over the past two seasons but the talent is there; McCoy would be the perfect guy to get Rivers back to his Pro Bowl form.

What does it mean for the Broncos? Frankly, not much. Don’t get me wrong, the offensive coordinator is important but when Peyton Manning is the quarterback; he is the offensive coordinator. Manning will have a big say in who the Broncos bring in and it will be someone who Manning feels very comfortable with. The offense for the Broncos will not change; the new coordinator will adapt to the Broncos system and not the other way around. He will have his own ideas but those ideas will have to meet with Manning’s approval.

McCoy has been good for the Broncos and if he gets the job with the Cardinals or another job; the Broncos will wish him well and then quickly move on. It’s the NFL; there’s no time for long goodbyes.

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