NFL Rumors: A Whiz to Run Offense for the Denver Broncos

By Joe Morrone

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is not headed to the Arizona Cardinals, but he is leaving. McCoy will be the next head coach of the San Diego Chargers, staying in the AFC West. It’s interesting that the Broncos have now lost two coordinators; one defensive and one offensive to rival teams within the same division. It’s a credit to John Fox and the Broncos for their success over the past two seasons.

The Chargers job is a good job for McCoy; good quarterback and some talent. McCoy will have to rebuild and offensive line and rebuild the confidence of quarterback Phillip Rivers. If McCoy is able to do those two things then he could have success fairly quickly in San Diego.

The Broncos are now in need of an offensive coordinator and the leading candidate appears to be former Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt. There are many reasons that Whisenhunt makes sense for the Broncos with the biggest one being his relationship with Peyton Manning. Whisenhunt and Manning are close and many thought the quarterback would choose the Cardinals last spring for that very reason. Anybody the Broncos bring in as offensive coordinator has to meet with Manning’s approval and Whisenhunt certainly fits that criteria.

Beyond his relationship with Manning Whisenhunt is a good football coach. It didn’t work in Arizona but that’s because they could never find a quarterback. When they had one in Kurt Warner, Whisenhunt took them to the Super Bowl and came within seconds of winning it. He was also instrumental in the early development of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger.  Whisenhunt also is well respected around the league and his addition would make the Broncos coaching staff one of the best in the league. In addition to Fox as the head coach, the Broncos would have two former head coaches as the coordinators. Jack Del Rio on the defensive side and Whisenhunt on offense; it would be another sign that the Broncos are very serious about winning right now.

When Dennis Allen left for the Oakland Raiders and Del Rio was hired the Broncos upgraded at defensive coordinator. With all due respect to McCoy, Whisenhunt would represent the same type of upgrade, in my opinion. It’s not done yet; in fact the Broncos and Whisenhunt have not even talked yet but that’s where the signs are pointing. If Whisenhunt is not the guy, then Tom Moore remains an interesting possibility. Moore worked with Manning with the Indianapolis Colts and is looking to be an offensive coordinator again. Whether it’s Whisenhunt, Moore or someone else, the Broncos will hire someone who is highly qualified and is approved by Manning.

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