New York Yankees Need to Realize Alex Rodriguez is Getting Too Old

The New York Yankees are quickly becoming the Dallas Mavericks when it comes to their players getting old as both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are nearing the end of their careers and recovering from serious injuries.

No player was more frustrating to deal with during the playoffs last October than Rodriguez and the fact that his recent hip surgery will force him to go through a six-month recovery period has to make you wonder if the Yankees are just wasting their time. There was speculation during the offseason that New York may attempt a trade with Rodriguez because of his hefty contract, but the truth is–no team would be that foolish to bring him on board unless the organization agreed to pay most of his contract.

Last season, Rodriguez saw action in 122 games while recording a .272 average to go along with just 18 home runs and 57 RBIs–which has to be frustrating for the Yankees considering their former star is due $116 million over the next five seasons. Whether they like it or not, professional sports teams need to realize at some point when their players are getting too old and for the Yankees–that’s exactly the case when it comes to Rodriguez.

The fact that Rodriguez was benched at crucial times of the playoffs last season is the perfect example of how ineffective he is in the lineup and it’s safe to say the Yankees would be just fine without him. If New York thinks Rodriguez will bounce back after this six-month recovery period–they’re crazy.