Lingerie League Changing Its Name To 'Legends Football League'

By Ben Grimaldi
Jonathan Brownfield-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest leagues ever created will no longer exist. Well that’s not quite true – it depends on how you define the word “greatest”, I suppose.

Anyway, the women’s football league that was formerly known as the Lingerie League is changing it’s name to the “Legends Football League”.

Now how will anyone find them on Google?

The league will also be changing its slogan to “Women of the Gridiron”…and it only gets worse from here.

According to the league’s press release, the ladies will no longer wear lingerie! This obviously makes sense, since they will no longer be called the Lingerie League, and the athletes will be wearing more “traditional” athletic uniforms going forward. The league called the changes “the next step in the maturation of our now-global sport.” The release also talked about the league wanting to focus on the ladies’ athletic talents, rather than be based on a “gimmick.”

Pardon me if I channel my inner Vince Lombardi when I say, “what the heck is going on out there?” The league was built on a gimmick of beautiful women in scantily-clad clothes, and now they want to move into serious football?

I can’t be the only one who is disappointed in the shift in philosophy from this women’s football league. How do they expect to grow, or even retain, a fan base that cares little about the game and more about the women? It’s called knowing your audience, and this is not a good PR move by the league.

I applaud all the women playing in the league and I’m not trying to discredit the sport; but let’s be honest here – for the majority of the people who actually checked out the league weren’t ‘checking out’ the football.

This is a sad day for Lingerie League lovers everywhere, and a puzzling one for the newly-named Legends Football League.

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