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John Rocker Says Holocaust Would Have Been Avoided If The Jews Had Guns

Source: Politico

We were all waiting for John Rocker and his opinion on gun control. Oh, we weren’t? Too bad, we are going to learn about it now. Rocker was on talk radio and talked a lot about gun control, but one thing he said stuck out more than most: he said the Holocaust could have been avoided if the Jewish people had guns.

I wonder if this can be counted as the oddest thing that he has ever said.  Rocker has been off his rocker (get it?) more than most, but this is something that just seems so off base.  I am not sure anything dealing with guns could have stopped a genocide.  It may have slowed it down at one point, but I just don’t see where he is coming from on this.

The sad thing is that people are actually asking what Rocker thinks about gun control.  I really do not care what famous people or formerly famous people have to say about political issues.  Their voice only counts as one vote as well.  If you are influenced by what an athlete believes, you may want to reconsider the basis of your political views.

The gun control debate is something that will not go away for a while.  There probably does need to be some changes, but having out-of-the-box people like Rocker giving their opinion does not help.  It will only make both sides a bit more crazy.