Fantasy Football: Who's Next for the Cardinals After Injury to Ryan Williams?

By Aaron DeAngelo
Greg M. Cooper-US Presswire

In virtually all Fantasy Football leagues, both Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells were drafted as backup RB’s with the potential to be RB2’s.  Well, in just 5 short weeks, they’re both gone!  Wells’ injury is “severe turf toe”, and he’s not eligible to even return until after week 12, so who knows if he’ll even be ready by then.  Even if he does come back, would you trust him in your lineup? (The answer is “No”, in case you were about to say “Yes”!)

Williams is a tough-luck story if there ever was one in the NFL.  Last year he suffered a torn patella tendon, which is a pretty brutal injury.  However, he came back strong, and as we all remember, he was hyped pretty heavily in the preseason.  That hype led many a fantasy owner to draft him as a Flex option, or an RB4/RB5.  But his most recent injury is another of the “season ending” variety, which is bad news for Williams’ owners. We may have seen the last of Williams on a football field, who knows, but clearly he’s off of the fantasy radar at this point.

So who’s next in line for the Arizona CardinalsWilliam Powell is one possible name, however, he’s a bit banged up. Powell suffered a head injury in week 5, and was eventually replaced in the game by Alfonso Smith.  Also creeping into the starting mix is third-string option, La’Rod Stephens-Howling.  Reports are circulating that Stephens-Howling is expected to be the starter until Wells returns, but are any of these guys worth adding on your fantasy team?

The answer to that question depends on how badly you need RB help.  You’d honestly have to be in some major trouble if you need one of these guys to start on your team.  The Cardinals play the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings in weeks 6 and 7, so in the short-term, if desperate for a bye week fill-in or flex play, then maybe you can consider grabbing one of these guys.  But again, right now we don’t know who will carry the load, or even IF there will be a load to carry, as the Cardinals haven’t exactly been leaning on the run game.

For now, Powell is the top option, but his week 6 status is still unknown due to a head injury. Your best bet is to sit tight until more information trickles out of Arizona later this week, but certainly watch this situation closely in the coming days.

Be sure to check back later in the week for our fantasy football  debates and full week 6 predictions.

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