The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat Are Interested in Greg Oden

By meganhuston
Steve Dykes-US Presswire

Its been three years since Greg Oden has stepped foot on an NBA floor, but word on the street is he’s looking to make a late season comeback; and the Dallas Mavericks are interested in his services. A source told that the Mavericks are among the teams who have reached out to Oden’s agent about his return to the game.

At this point the Mavs need all the help they can get even if it comes from a 7-footer who is recovering from his third microfracture knee surgery. Not only are the Mavericks interested in signing Oden, but reportly the Miami Heat have shown interest as well. This shouldn’t be surprising seeing as though the biggest knock on the Heat is their lack of size. They don’t have a inside presence so its not shocking that they would go after a big man.

There was never a question about Oden’s talent level; the question has always been “Can he stay healthy?” –which is still up for debate. Lets face it Oden may never be the player most thought he would pan out to be, but as a 7-foot big man his services will always be needed; if for nothing else than to stand by the basket and take up space on defense.

Either way, whether Oden plays for Dallas or Miami…heck, for any team at this point in his injury-stricken career it will be an accomplishment within itself. It will be interesting to see how three full years away from the league will have changed his game, his outlook, and his effectiveness.

It’s been said that the NBA is where Amazing Happens; a Greg Oden return would indeed be amazing, and a welcomed sign for both Dallas and Miami.

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