Tom Brady, New England Patriots Won't Play for 4th Super Bowl Ring

By Jeric Griffin
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Whoever comes up with these lines has completely lost their marbles. The New England Patriots are, on average, a nine-point favorite over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. How in the world are the Patriots nine-point favorites over the Ravens in the game before the Super Bowl?

Look, the Patriots are good, but they’re not that good. Their defense is very suspect to the big play through either the passing or running game. “The Patriots score enough points to beat anybody,” you might say. Let me tell you something–it doesn’t matter if you score 45 points if the other team scores 50.

On the flip side, do these people not know the story of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis? This is the guy who came back from a season-ending injury in a month and is playing as well right now as he ever has in his entire career. This is also the guy who is playing in his last season, so you better believe that he’s going to bring everything he’s got, which he does on every single play already.

The Ravens should have beaten the Patriots last year in the AFC title game if it wasn’t for a last-second missed field goal. If this game is a repeat of last year’s, that won’t be the case because the Ravens have a dynamite kicker in rookie Justin Tucker.

However, it won’t come down to that this time. Joe Flacco is playing out of his mind right now and that doesn’t bode well for the Patriots’ horrendous secondary. Joe Cool will dice New England like he did the Denver Broncos (who had a much better secondary) and the Ravens will prevail.

Don’t believe me? Make that nine-point. I dare you.

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