Indianapolis Colts Defense Nearly Gives Game Away

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I wrote earlier about the Indianapolis Colts defense bending, but not breaking. The defense just about broke the entire team Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. While the Colts did escape with a win and a pair of interceptions, they showed a lot of […]

Offensive Line a Glaring Weakness for Indianapolis Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts wrapped up their first regular season game today with a narrow win. While the defense had some real struggles the offense should’ve done far better. It wasn’t quarterback Andrew Lucks fault or the fact that the running backs weren’t running hard. […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Defense Reminiscent of Earlier Days

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As the Indianapolis Colts‘ first regular season game unfolded, one thing was apparent: they might not be running their old Tampa 2, but they are still playing their old bend-but-not-break defense. The old Colts’ defense, under Super Bowl-winning coach Tony […]

Why Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck Is The Next Top QB

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Andrew Luck had a great rookie season. But so did Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. You can also throw in Colin Kaepernick even though it was his second season because it was his first season playing. However, there is one thing different […]

Bold Prejections for Indianapolis Colts’ First Game

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There are a lot of things that can happen in any given game. I’m about to give you some of the boldest and most likely predictions I can. Through extensive study I have developed these best-guesses or likely scenarios. The […]

Can the Indianapolis Colts Win the AFC South?

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The Indianapolis Colts were kings who sat atop their throne in the kingdom of the AFC South for many years. When quarterback Peyton Manning was out for the entire 2011 season, they went 2-14 and weren’t within a whisper of winning […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Offensive Projected Starters vs. Oakland Raiders

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Quarterback: Andrew Luck is going to start at the QB position come the Indianapolis Colts first game against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders’ defensive backfield is weak so Luck should be able to shred them for over 400 yards, at […]

Indianapolis Colts 2014 Free Agent Outlook

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The Indianapolis Colts have many players that will be free agents by the end of this season. They can cut ties with many, and resign the ones that they really need. The salary cap is $123 million this season, and […]

A Look at the Indianapolis Colts’ Financial Situation

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The Indianapolis Colts front office has done a great job of managing their contracts correctly. However, there are a few that need to be dumped. Nothing is necessarily pressing or hurting the team in a bad way, but the team […]

Indianapolis Colts’ Adam Vinatieri Is Still Kicking — But For How Long?

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The gray is now present on the hair around his ears. When he made his first Super Bowl-winning kick, it was all a slick black. As the gray progresses to a total takeover of his hair, Indianapolis Colts fans are beginning to […]

Terrell Owens to the Indianapolis Colts?

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Indianapolis Colts‘ owner Jim Irsay is a brash and unpredictable man. Terrell Owens is a brash and unpredictable man. So why can’t the Colts and Owens work? They could, and for Owens and the Colts, it would be a perfect match […]

Storylines for the Indianapolis Colts’ 3rd Preseason Game

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The season is nearing for the Indianapolis Colts and things are beginning to shape up for the team. But the third preseason game is when the starters show their stuff. Most of the starting players will play the entire four quarters of the […]