Claude Giroux Skates on Ice Again

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The Philadelphia Flyers and its fan base got a good sign this morning when Ken Warren tweeted that Flyers forward and superstar Claude Giroux was on the ice this morning in Carleton skating for the first time since suffering his […]

Philadelphia Flyers To Be Well Represented At Board Of Governors Meeting

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In the eyes of many hockey fans everywhere, the NHL Lockout has gone on way too long and the belief of many is that it is time for a decision. Today is day 80 of the lockout and the Philadelphia […]

Philadelphia Flyers’ Daniel Briere Continues Success Overseas

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Let’s just face the facts: the NHL Lockout will most likely continue for a little while. Though there may not be any professional hockey in Philadelphia just yet, at least there is a bright sign for the Philadelphia Flyers. That’s […]

Philadelphia Flyers 8th Most Valuable NHL Team

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With the NHL Lockout still in full swing with financial differences, Forbes posted its yearly values of each NHL franchise. To the surprise of many, the Toronto Maple Leafs were the highest valued franchise in the league at $1 billion. The Philadelphia […]

Claude Giroux Returns From Germany To Get Neck Checked Out


The Philadelphia Flyers along with the rest of the NHL got a bit of a scare when news broke that Flyers’ forward Claude Giroux was returning from Germany and heading to Atlanta to get his neck injury checked out. At […]

Operation Hat Trick Charity Game Features Marquee NHL Players

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Many fans have wondered how great the Philadelphia Flyers would be if they could have held on to players that have left the franchise. They have also wondered about what other players from opposing teams would look like playing on […]

Claude Giroux Playing Extremely Well in Germany

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While the NHL and the NHLPA continue to discuss a new CBA, many players are performing in front of crowds overseas. Philadelphia Flyers‘ forward Claude Giroux is coming off of his best season of his career and one of the […]

Philadelphia Flyers’ Bruno Gervais Heads East To Germany

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With the NHL Lockout having the effect that it is having on the league, more players are deciding to head overseas to continue doing the one thing that they love to do the most, that is, play hockey. Renaud Lavoi of […]

Eric Lindros To Be Inducted Into Philadelphia Sports Hall Of Fame

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The Philadelphia Flyers have had many great NHL players in the history of their organization. Many of these greats have been adored and honored by the fans in the city of Philadelphia whenever these men return for a visit once […]

5 Current Players The Philadelphia Flyers Could Have Drafted In 2008

5 Current NHL 2008 - Opening

NHL Rumors: Will The Winter Classic Ever Reach Its Highest Point?

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With the news about the cancellation of the 2013 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic breaking, hockey fans are struggling to have hope of whether or not there will be a 2012-2013 NHL season. Yes the cancellation of the entire season is the […]

5 Current Players The Philadelphia Flyers Could Have Drafted In 2007

5 Current NHL 2007 - Opening