Why Would Chip Kelly Ever Consider the Cleveland Browns?

Now that the Oregon Ducks have defeated the Kansas State Wildcats in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly will be one of the most pursued head coaches to make the transition to the NFL for the 2013 season, as the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Buffalo Bills have already expressed interest. If he does end up with a team like the Browns, there’s only one question that will come to mind–why?

For a head coach that is on top of the college football world already, why on earth would he leave Oregon to take a job with a team like the Browns? Despite the three-week gap in 2012 where they defeated a few mediocre teams, Cleveland has a lot of work on their plates before they even come close to being contenders again in the AFC North.

With all of this taken into consideration–why on earth would Kelly even consider a move like this?

Over the years, we’ve seen too many head coaches try to make the adjustment of coaching at the college level to the NFL and most of the time it fails miserably–just ask Nick Saban during his short stint with the Miami Dolphins. Look at everything Kelly has accomplished over the years at Oregon and it would be foolish for him to walk away from a program like the Ducks have and join a team like the Browns.

It’s easy to understand why Kelly would want a change of scenery, but Cleveland certainly wouldn’t be the answer for him in 2013.