Glen Davis Releases New Rap Song About Himself

By Riley Schmitt
Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

So Glen Davis is certainly a character. The Orlando Magic forward is known as a fun loving guy and he has decided to release a rap song. He is not trying to make a record but he thought he needed his own arena music. Enter Big Baby Gon Turn It Up. Yikes.

So good job, good effort maybe?  I honestly have no idea what Big Baby is trying to accomplish with this song.  There is enough autotune in this thing to make T-Pain blush.  I give this song about three games before people in Orlando start rioting.  It is that painful to listen to.

See, you were put on this earth to play basketball.  If you were supposed to make music, you would have been doing that by now.  You should probably avoid the music game for the rest of eternity.  I do not want you to turn it up anywhere near me.  This song is simply painful.

There have been some bad songs released by athletes but this has to jump into the top three instantly.  It is so autotuned that it is painful to listen to.  I have no idea who told him this was a good idea but they should probably think things through.

I am glad that I will not be attending a Magic home game this year.  This song would drive me absolutely insane.  I give him props for trying but he should definitely stick to his day job going forward.  Just so painful.


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