Rajon Rondo Nearing Elite Status With Triple Doubles

By Devin O'Barr

In the last five seasons no one in the NBA has more triple doubles than Boston Celtics Point Guard Rajon Rondo. Since entering the league he has piled up 26 career triple doubles which is absolutely remarkable considering his stature. Nonetheless, Rondo has been a catalyst for this Celtics team for quite a while and if he continues to play well don’t be surprised to see an old Boston team contending for another title in 2013.

To some, the triple double stat may be a little unclear so for clarification purposes a triple double is any outing with 10 or more points and rebounds along with 10 or more assists, blocked shots or steals. It is quite the occurrence and is a prime example of how versatile a player actually is.

Now to put this in perspective, the greatest player of all time in Michael Jordan had 30 career triple doubles including two in the postseason. Rondo is just four shy of matching Jordan’s triple double total in almost half the time as he is playing in only his seventh season while Jordan amounted his total through 15 seasons in the NBA.

In 92 playoff games Rondo’s seven triple doubles are fourth in the history of the NBA–Rondo seems to have a knack for shining his brightest come playoff time.

Turning 27 in a little over a month, I have no doubt Rondo will continue to climb the ranks and eventually join Oscar Robertson, Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson in the 100 triple-double club. Rondo’s ability is unparalleled and has equated to the league leader in Assists per game in each of the last two seasons.

Moving on, Rondo’s production is essential to this aged Boston Celtics and if he can get them going early like he did last night with the teams first four assists, the Celtics will be alive and well come playoff time.

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