New York Giants Will Be Impacted By Will Hill Suspension

By jason evans



The four game suspension for New York Giants‘ safety Will Hill may be a bigger blow to the team than you think. The undrafted free agent has already made an impact in the secondary for the team, and will now miss the next four games for taking Adderall like teammate Tyler Sash, who will now take Hill’s roster spot for the next couple of weeks.

On the positive side, Sash was ready to come off the suspension list and the Giants were going to have to make some kind of move to get him on the roster. In a way, this helped the Giants in that they didn’t have to release anyone or put Kenny Phillips on the short-term IR.

Hill has already made an impact on the team. He came in when Phillips got hurt and played well, forcing a fumble in the last game on a kickoff return that set up a touchdown. Hill is a little more athletic than Sash, and a little quicker as well.

Phillps injury hasn’t hurt the Giants as much as you think, with the play of Stevie Brown and Hill. With Antrel Rolle‘s knee bruise, Sash may need to play a little more than expected, like Hill has.

Sash isn’t a bad player; however, he doesn’t have the upside that Hill does. Hill has shown that he can play a little bit – now it’s up to Sash over the next four weeks to prove he deserves a roster spot, and give Jerry Reese a tough decision four weeks from now.

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