The Philadelphia Eagles Should Get Tim Tebow to Run Chip Kelly's Offense

By Bryan Lutz
Rob Foldy – USA TODAY Sports

With Chip Kelly becoming the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, one thing is pretty certain – they definitely need a new quarterback. Even though Michael Vick is technically under contract, it’s rather evident that he will not be returning to the city of Brotherly Love, and can you honestly envision Nick Foles running an fast-paced, uptempo read option attack? I didn’t think so. So, this leaves the Eagles without a viable QB option heading into 2013, which is why they need to bring Tim Tebow in as their new quarterback.

I am not a Tim Tebow blowhard by any means. In fact, I think his ceiling as an NFL quarterback is average at best, but I can’t help but notice the way the game is evolving. I noticed the way the read option was changing the league about a month ago. Whatever week it was when Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, and Cam Newton busted off 60+ yard touchdown runs, seemingly untouched at the line of scrimmage due to the zone read. After seeing these runs, it dawned on me that Tebow could effciently run this type of offense, similar to what gave him success in Denver. However (I could be wrong), I don’t remember the Denver Broncos ever running the pistol formation.

But with the stacked backfield the Eagles have, it’s easy to envision a Chip Kelly offense working with a quarterback like Tim Tebow. It would also give the Eagles a nice culture change, which is something they may need after the horrendous season they had.

Tebow wouldn’t make the Eagles a Super Bowl contender – heck, I don’t think anyone will with that defense – but he would certainly help Kelly and the Eagles run the type of offense he ran in college. And with the worst QB draft class in recent memory, it’s hard to imagine someone better for the job right now.

The read option is taking over. Let’s just hope it has a better shelf life than the wildcat.

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