Maria Menounos Inducting Bob Backlund Into WWE Hall of Fame?

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    Bob Backlund being inducted into the WWE 2013 Hall of Fame was a big announcement made earlier this year. Backlund is one of the forgotten all-time greats that seem to get lost in the shuffle. Backlund will be […]

If Wrestlemania 1 failed, Pro Wrestling Would Not Exist Today

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  Many do not realize this but the world was altered forever on the afternoon of March 31st 1985 when we were all introduced to the ever so groundbreaking entertainment platform known as Wrestlemania 1. What many people may not […]

WWE Should Get Rid of the Celebrity Wing From the Hall of Fame

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  Its bad enough that the WWE refuses to create a physical Hall of Fame location to encompass displays that honor the inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame. Its bad enough that lately WWE has hot-shotted a few inductees […]

The 2013 WWE DVD Releases Will Have The World Watching

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  To pro wrestling fans, the video collection–whether on Blu-Ray, DVD or even VHS–is the ultimate sacred treasure. The wrestling fan’s video library collection is what defines and measures us as fans in terms of our devotion to continue to […]

Superdome Or Madison Square Garden For WrestleMania 30?

Superdome potential WrestleMania 30 Venue

WWE has not officially decided on the venue for next year’s WrestleMania 30 event yet. The two strongest candidates are the Superdome in New Orleans, or Madison Square Garden in New York City. Right now, company officials are going back […]

Bruno Sammartino Knew What He Was Doing All Along With His HOF Holdout

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Not only the wrestling world, but the sports world was treated to the overly satisfying announcement made that all-time legend Bruno Sammartino will be inducted into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 on the night before Wrestlemania 29. […]

Bruno Sammartino Is Finally In The WWE Hall of Fame

bruno sammartino hall of fame

WWE announced huge news that Bruno Sammartino will finally be inducted into the Hall of Fame this April. Sammartino has been approached by the company for many years now, but he always turned them down. One of the reasons why […]

Wrestlemania 30 Location Breaks A Long Term Tradition

WM 30

  At this time of the year, the hot buzz for the location of next year’s Wrestlemania begins to surface. As the smoke clears and clarity sits in, this is when traveling fans pre-planning for next year’s Mania trip begins. This month, […]

Trish Stratus Makes The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Class Very Interesting

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  Madison Square Garden may need to contact the fire marshals of New York City because The WWE Class of 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony may need extra fire protection since the stage will be hot. And by hot, I mean burning, because as announced last […]

2008 Royal Rumble Takes A Bite Out of the Big Apple

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  In the WWE, there is an unspoken and unwritten philosophy, “when things go array and to get the fire restarted, take the show back to its roots…Madison Square Garden.” If the 2006 Royal Rumble was the momentum killer, and the 2007 […]

The 2000 Royal Rumble Picks Up The Ball And Sprints

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  The setbacks that the 1999 Royal Rumble presented, the 2000 Royal Rumble emphatically made up for it. Not only was the 2000 Royal Rumble a direct turn around, in terms of quality, but the Rumble would be held at […]

Should The Rock Induct Mick Foley Into the WWE The Hall of Fame?

The Rock and Mick Foley

As announced earlier this month, it has been revealed that Mick Foley is the first inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2013. Foley has been interviewed on the matter and has expressed interest that Jim Ross or […]