Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett and Leon Washington Will Improve.


Will the Seattle Seahawks’ running game be any better next season. Marshwan Lynch, Justin Forsett and Leon Washington, are all expected to return to the lineup next season. Last year the triple-threat turned out to be far from intimidating, posting […]

2011 NFL Free Agency: Seattle Seahawks Need Mathias Kiwanuka


Now that the 2011 NFL draft is over and done with, what will the Seattle Seahawks do in the free agency arena, if anything? Right now, besides needing a QB, they are hurting for speed on the defensive line. One […]

2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Will the Seattle Seahawks Be Fishing for Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer?


There once was a time when the name Carson Palmer meant something. Conversations about the best QBs in football almost always included “that guy” that plays for Cincinnati, right! Those were the days when Palmer’s scruffy face graced the covers […]

2011 NFL Free Agency: Matt Hasselbeck and Seattle Seahawks May Part Ways

WI: Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers

Do we need Hass’ back? With the closing of the draft, Seahawks fans were left scratching their head, or at least I was! Was it really the best idea to skip over some fresh QB meat (em..Ryan Mallett)? For the […]

2011 NFL Draft Results: Complete 5-round results For All 32 NFL Teams


Round-1 Panthers-Cam Newton, QB, Auburn Broncos-Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M Bills-Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama Bengals-A.J. Green, WR, Georgia Cardinals-Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU Falcons(from Browns)-Julio Jones, WR, Alabama 49ers-Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri Titans-Jake Locker, QB, Washington Cowboys-Tyron Smith, OT, USC Jaguars(from […]

2011 NFL Draft: Russell Okung, James Patterson, and John Moffitt Save the Offensive Line


Now that the 2011 NFL draft is behind us we can begin to look forward to next season, and begin to prepare for our latest run at greater glory. With the recent addition of two new  players selected in the […]

2011 NFL Draft Results: Seattle Seahawks Hire “Carpenter” to Build New Offensive Line


Radio City Music Hall was filled with audible gasps, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the Seattle Seahawks’ 25th pick of the first-round of the 2011 NFL draft,  Alabama OT, James Carpenter. There had been varying expectations concerning who the […]

2011 NFL Draft: Is Ryan Mallett the Seattle Seahawks’ Best Draft Option?


Ryan Mallet, or “Big Tex” as his fans like to call him. Is one of a few QBs expected to be a 2011 NFL draft prospect for the Seattle Seahawks. Over the course of his 3-year college career, the 6′-7″ […]

2011 NFL Draft: Jake Locker Not Going to New York for Draft.

locker 2

Washington Huskies QB, Jake Locker, has made the choice not to attend the 2011 NFL draft in New York. Instead, he will be at home with local supporters during the big event. After Washington’s pro day Wednesday, Locker answered questions […]

NFL Draft 2011: QB Jake Locker has Pete Carroll in His Corner after Pro Day?


With the 2011 NFL draft swiftly approaching, Washington Husky QB, Jake Locker, has been a topic of great debate in Seattle, especially after his pro day performance yesterday. According to Gil Brandt, of, Locker had plenty to show prospective […]

Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate; Will he have a “Golden” Opportunity to start in 2011?


Since joining the ‘Hawks in 2010, 22-year-old rookie Golden Tate, has made the most out of the limited playing time he has  seen. Although he only has 21 NFL receptions under his belt thus far, he has managed to collect […]