WWE Video Game License To Be Bought By Take Two

By Damian Seeto
wwe games take two
Image from playstationstyle.net

According to sources that have spoken to video game website IGN, the WWE video game license is expected to be sold to Take Two, parent company of 2K.

It has been rumored for quite some time now that WWE was interested in teaming up with EA Games instead. As most gamers already know, EA is responsible for developing and publishing most of the annual sports video game franchises such as Madden, FIFA, NHL and a lot more.

UFC President Dana White revealed the UFC games will be developed and published by EA since they departed THQ back in June after poor sales of UFC Undisputed 3. It was expected that Vince McMahon would follow suit and sell to the WWE Game license to EA too.

2K Games is a direct competitor to EA Games and might be an interesting move for the WWE. They develop and publish the very popular NBA 2K game series as well as other popular sport franchises too. NBA 2K became so popular that EA has not even made its own NBA game since 2010.

Fans have been disappointed with the way the direction the current WWE video games had been going with Yukes and THQ. This is because they’ve used the same game engine for years now and the gameplay has remained the same. Hopefully when the license shifts over to 2K Games, they will make an innovative WWE video game that will be as fun and as realistic as its NBA video games.

The terms of the sale have not been finalized yet, but when an official announcement is made, fans should expect to see a different kind of WWE video game to be released from now on (hopefully)…

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