WWE NXT Superstars The Ascension Will Rise After Battleground

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Last night’s episode of NXT revealed a promo for The Ascension, showcasing their dominance in WWE‘s developmental system; but more importantly, it showed that there’s nothing left for them where they are. Every tag team that’s been thrown at them, Konnor and Viktor have utterly annihilated […]

WWE Rumors: UFC Fighter Rashad Evans Wants To Join

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There have been mentions of Rashad Evans wanting to come over from UFC to WWE when he opts to retire. He’s let it known that there’s a real interest there in the past and has chosen to once again bring it up, if only to keep […]

Are WWE Budget Cuts To Blame For Santino Marella’s Early Retirement?

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Last night at a live event, the WWE superstar Santino Marella announced his retirement. It was very sudden to the WWE Universe and a slightly odd choice of venue, considering it was just a house show and not one of WWE’s staple shows, Raw and Smackdown. After […]

Bad News Barrett To Miss Several Months, WWE Vacates IC Title

Bad News Barrett

Did Bad News Barrett curse himself with this gimmick or what? He went from delivering bad news to everyone under the sun to receiving it worse than anyone. I’ve heard stories of heels getting their rightful comeuppance, but this is […]

Is Brock Lesnar Replacing Bad News Barrett At WWE Money in the Bank?

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Rumors on the return of Brock Lesnar have furiously ramped up just before each of the last two PPV‘s –Extreme Rules and Payback,– so it’s no surprise the lead up to Money In The Bank (MITB) hasn’t been any different. Many believe Lesnar will be the replacement […]

WWE Superstar Jack Swagger Should Be Fired

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In the span of 13 months, Jack Swagger has been responsible for two separate injuries that could spoil two careers, and it’s time he sees more of a punishment than being mostly taken out of the championship picture. After kicking […]

Bad News Barrett Questionable For Money In The Bank After Shoulder Injury

Bad News Barrett and Dean Ambrose

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for Wade Barrett fans; WWE‘s reigning Intercontinental Champion may not be able to compete in the briefcase ladder match at Money in the Bank on June 29. According to Dave Meltzer of the […]

WWE Smackdown (6/13) Shows Us the Future

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The WWE either needs to go to a live version of Smackdown, or they need to cool it on social media, because having all three members of 3MB on last night’s episode was a major hiccup in continuity. They released 11 members of their […]

Did WWE Overvalue Its TV Deal Value?

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The WWE was hoping to increase the company’s TV rights deal by a large margin. Did Vince McMahon and co. get too cocky during the negotiations? As reported a few weeks ago, the WWE decided to stay with NBC Universal for the […]

Will WWE SmackDown Stay On Friday Night?

SmackDown, the Rock, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Edge and John Cena

Friday night isn’t a good time slot for a TV show. People are usually out and about doing things that don’t involve a television set. Still, WWE SmackDown has been a staple on Friday nights for the past nine years. […]

WWE Stock Takes A Huge Bodyslam

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Ever since the WWE announced its new TV deal, the stock price for the company has plummeted big time. The WWE had hoped it could double or even triple its current TV deal with NBC Universal. The current deal is worth […]

WWE Programming Stays With NBC Universal

John Cena on Raw

NBC Universal is set to keep WWE on their channels as both sides have reached a new agreement. NBC Universal owns USA Network and Syfy channels, which are both on cable television. Raw will stay as three hours on USA […]